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Monquér is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!

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In 2015 Monquér celebrates 3 years of providing exclusive jewellery collections and passion for the arts.
During these 3 years, we have created four collections of jewellery and developed over hundred pieces of unique custom jewellery.

We value the quality of the materials we use, the technical quality of performance and, of course, cordial attitude to what we create. Each product goes through our hands and filled with our warmth.

We thank everyone, who supported us and helped during all these years…

Special gratitude to Darja Popolitova, Jana Anhalt, Olga Logvina, Frank Dromas (Blueiprod), Oksana Osadchaja, Inga Grigorenko, Anna and Ljuda (Almodel managment), Dmitry Knut, Kristiina Virt (Iluguru), Ivan and Armine (PIAR), Eve Roosna (ER Boutique), Victoria Kurotchkina, Luciné Ayanian, Aljona Sokolovskaja, Olga Karpenko (Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool), Olga Kalashnikova, Erika Scholler, Boutique Caprice and Kuldan Luxury.


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