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Tallinn Fashion Week Monquer

Tallinn Fashion Week 2017

By admin

This year Monquer takes part in Tallinn Fashion Week 2017, in conjunction with Goldtime Eesti jewellery store. Jewellery is a tiny element on a human body, BUT nobody said that it couldn’t be presented on a catwalk, creative people are always creative and we found our way of expression on the stage.

On the show were also presented other fabulous Estonian designers, such as Tanel Veenre, Birgit Skolimowski, SOMA, Lummus, By Kriss, Wooch, Aegon watches.

MONQUER-Les Papillons


Monquer Les Papillons

by Kriss

Aegon watches


Tanel Veenre


Birgit Skolimowski

Goldtime showcase


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