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Sophistication in a contemporary design

I wonder what defines sophistication in a contemporary jewelry design now? Intellectuality Although for me sophistication means quality, class and neatness the root word leads us to the the Greek sophists, or “wise man.” (Greek: σοφιστής, Latin: sophists) So if sophistication shows the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated, does it always mean being […]

Creation moments

Exploring the nature and world artists bring into their pieces what they see and how they see it. Noticing unusual aspects, they mix styles and shapes by finding extraordinary character features and combining various elements. After mixing everything together and transforming into material form, they give their own vision of reality around. When you look […]


Special greetings from Tokyo!

Good morning friends! Cherry blossoms are in full bloom with exquisite Tori collection arriving in Tokyo. Pure and timeless beauty. Special greetings from Anni Jürgenson! More pictures will find here  

by Jana Anhalt for AKZENT

Monquér creates rings of light and colour around many hearts and souls. Shoot by Jana Anhalt for AKZENT magazine.

lucine blog

Luciné Ayanian and “Les Papillons”

Luciné Ayanian is wearing “Les Papillons” phalanx rings. Wear it solo or stacked with other delicate pieces.  “Btw, see the wonderful jewellery piece from Estonian brand Monquer. “Les Papillons” collection was inspired by the instantaneous and exlusive beauty of butterfly. The rings really look very delicate and sweet. I guess, this is my favourite jewellery for now!”

aries bangle

Jewellery persanolisation

Personalisation is not a new trend in jewellery art as, being everlasting, jewellery gives a unique opportunity to capture the moment, emotion or reflect some life events.If you have not decided what product you would like to have our creative designers will help with the choice of models, depending on your requirements, budget and personal […]

Le papillon de nuit

Les papillons de nuit

Feel beautiful and unique wearing double butterfly ring “Les Papillon de nuit”.  Black butterfly is feminine symbol of  blind passion and enigmatic beauty.

monquer jewellery ehted

New jewellery collection “Les Papillons”

This year, the jewellery brand Monquér created new collection “Les Papillons” personifying air contour of the instantaneous and elusive beauty. The collection is performed in the classical technique of processing silver and enamel.

ehte pood monquer


Eesti juveeli bränd Monquér , pakub Teile kevadiste pühade puhul tutvuda uute ja unikaalsete käsitöö ehtedega, aadressil Villardi 24.

orbital ring

Valentine’s day!

The most profound and indivisible secret to life is hidden within the heart; Take care of your love, keep your love-ones and stay in love forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!