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monquer marine collection

Mermaid on the beach

When I think of summer, I imagine myself a beautiful Mermaid on the beach of sand dunes.  When I think of summer, the hot smell of warm sand and saltish sea freshness are mixed in my mind…When I think of summer … But at the moment I do not think about the summer, I live in it, enjoying every minute, feeling the gentle breath of the seacoasts, looking at the azure sky… My Image of […]

monquer jewellery monaco

Balisur private collection shooting in Monaco

Summer like no other time is suitable for Monquér jewellery-bright colors, tender feelings, sea coolness inspire us anywhere. Monquer’s private jewellery set Balisur is made in white gold, embellished with enamel and with opulence of blue diamonds and mint chalcedony gemstones. It’s blue and greenish tones make this precious piece looking soft, gentle and refined, but […]