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Tallinn Fashion Week Monquer

Tallinn Fashion Week 2017

This year Monquer takes part in Tallinn Fashion Week 2017, in conjunction with Goldtime Eesti jewellery store. Jewellery is a tiny element on a human body, BUT nobody said that it couldn’t be presented on a catwalk, creative people are always creative and we found our way of expression on the stage. On the show […]

Sophistication in a contemporary design

I wonder what defines sophistication in a contemporary jewelry design now? Intellectuality Although for me sophistication means quality, class and neatness the root word leads us to the the Greek sophists, or “wise man.” (Greek: σοφιστής, Latin: sophists) So if sophistication shows the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated, does it always mean being […]

Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér

Although jewelry pieces of Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér represent modesty and laconism their fundamental part is as incomprehensible and complex as our individuality. BEAUTY Achieving purity of lines, like a sculptor, who cuts superfluous from a block of marble, we aim to highlight the essence of the Beautiful. The material can only indicate the limits […]

Padjaklubi naised kannavad Monquer’i ehteid.

Tere hea sõber! Meil on rõõm teatada, et Eesti kõige popima serjaali “Padjaklubi” tegelased kannavad Monquer’i ehteid. Grete Klein kannab Marine kõrvarõngaid ning sõrmuseid Katariina Ratasepp kannab Les Papillons kõrvarõngaid                 Kristel Aaslaid kannab Antler kõrvarõngad, lisaks kõrvarõngastele kannab ta Marine kaelakeed, mis musta paela otsas. […]

eesti disain

Monquér on Eesti Disainehete Bränd

Monquér on Eesti Disainehete Bränd. Monquér e-poes on lai valik hõbeehteid poolvääriskivide-, pärlite- ja värviliste emailidega. Kehtib tasuta kohaletoimetamine ja 10% soodustus suve kollektsioonile “Cocochnik”.

monquer erboutique

Monquér @ErBoutique

Kallid sõbrad! Meil on heameel teatada, et Monquér’i ehted on nüüd saadaval ER Boutique’is, kus saate oma stiili viimse detailini kujundada. @Roosikrantsi 16

Le papillon de nuit

Les papillons de nuit

Feel beautiful and unique wearing double butterfly ring “Les Papillon de nuit”.  Black butterfly is feminine symbol of  blind passion and enigmatic beauty.

monquer jewellery ehted

New jewellery collection “Les Papillons”

This year, the jewellery brand Monquér created new collection “Les Papillons” personifying air contour of the instantaneous and elusive beauty. The collection is performed in the classical technique of processing silver and enamel.

The Snow Queen earrings

These earrings are inspired by winter landscape and beauty of cold and bright diversity. The accentuated red rhodolite hints at the main source of inspiration: the jewellers were looking for the bright color in the white winter landscape.

cuff earrings

Butterfly cuff earrings

Cuff earrings are inspired by one of nature’s most exquisite butterfly. Earrings are delicately adorned with diamonds.