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Sophistication in a contemporary design

I wonder what defines sophistication in a contemporary jewelry design now? Intellectuality Although for me sophistication means quality, class and neatness the root word leads us to the the Greek sophists, or “wise man.” (Greek: σοφιστής, Latin: sophists) So if sophistication shows the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated, does it always mean being […]

Kuidas luua Eesti oma Cartier? Tuleb teha Monquér!

“Director” värskes mai numbris on lugu “Kuidas luua Eesti oma Cartier? Tuleb teha Monquér!”   Monquér, Eesti oma Cartier’ks pürgiva ettevõtte sünnis on kindel osa julgel pealehakkamisel ja heal õnnel, kuid kummalisel kombel isegi hapukoorel ja Google Translate’il.   Monquér eesmärgiks on, et eritellimusel valmivad ehted peavad nii sisult kui välimuselt inimesele sobima lausa valatult. […]

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who is behind MONQUER jewellery brand?

Hello friends, let us introduce you people, who are behind Monquér jewellery brand. This is creative director Kateryna Pishon, Kateryna is responsible for creative and visual side of Monquér branding. Her artisanal skills together with her cognitive ability to identify modern tendencies in jewellery design is the foundation on which Monquér jewellery brand is built […]

Monquer at ETV PLUSS

  Monquer Team Vitaly Holstinin and Kateryna Pishon at ETV+ with gorgeous Anna Sapronenko ‪#‎fifafufyritsa‬ ‪#‎tvoivecher‬ ‪#‎фифафуфырится‬  

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Pearls and Diamonds private event by Monquér

Last week Monquér held a private event where company founder Kateryna Pishon talked about the value of diamonds, precious stones and showed rare sea pearl to the honoured guests. The beauty of the seen did not remain anyone indifferent. 



Dear Monquér friends!We are glad to inform you that already this week we will exhibit our jewelry brand in Stockholm at Precious Fair! Exquisite minimalism at MonquérFRESH AIR FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BALTIC SEAMonquér is a Tallinn-based company that shares much of its identity, approach and aesthetic values with the Scandinavian countries. The […]