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Balisur earrings

Jewelry can be many things, but one of its finest qualities is its transformative power. A fine piece can turn a woman into a grande dame, a blushing  ingénue or a playful rebel. Our jewelry can effect several of these transformations at once, combining a defiant sense of whimsy and a feel for precious stones […]

diamond earrings by monquer

Perfect piece of jewelry

“The perfect piece of jewelry is above all an act of self-expression, both on the part of the designer as well as the wearer. May your jewels allow you to express yourself with your jewelry as the animals do- without saying a word.” Elise Nussbaum

Russian winter

Russian style winter- bright and luxurious ! Beautiful Russian winter with magical northern lights, deep forests and hard frosts with Russians’ love to Byzantium luxury gave birth to a Russian Winter special aesthetics full of sable furs, samovars, Orenburg downy shawls, and Slavic folklore. Where else one can find such a colorful and amazing winter? […]