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vitaly holstinin

Vitaly Holstinin behind the Monquer jewellery brand

Vitaly Holstinin is another important person behind the Monquer jewellery brand. He has passion for jewelry creating technical processes and jewelry 3D modelling. Vitaly has spent eight years in jewelry production field, where he designed various jewelry pieces in 3D. He knows how to improve and develop almost everything that has mechanism inside. ‪


Dangerous lollipop pendant-ring

Monquér creates only special presents for special people. This pendant-ring is called ‪Dangerous_lollipop‬, diamonds and sapphires are upside down set, drop shape ‪Ethiopian‬ opal can be worn as a chain pendant or as a ring pendant.

cyber jungle jewellery

Cyber Jungle

Monquér jewelry pieces from Antler and Marine collections take center stage in this amazing high fashion futuristic series, made by young and talented photographer Dmitry Knut. Cyber snow queen look in radiant colors styled by beauty artist Lidija Malinovskaja. Do you think it’s time for us for the futuristic trends? Create you own future style  with […]

geometric bridal rings

Geometric wedding rings

Geometric wedding rings  are made in rose gold and embellished with lapis lazuli element for very crea tive  young couple. Monquer  designers use their imagination to create stunning wedding rings of majesty and opulence.


Rings from the forest

All you need is hidden close to you, spend your life searching for the best in the world… #marinecollection #phalanxrings #knucklerings