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Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér

Although jewelry pieces of Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér represent modesty and laconism their fundamental part is as incomprehensible and complex as our individuality. BEAUTY Achieving purity of lines, like a sculptor, who cuts superfluous from a block of marble, we aim to highlight the essence of the Beautiful. The material can only indicate the limits […]

All I want for Christmas is a…

All I want for Christmas is…a piece of some lovely jewelry. Yesterday  was the first Sunday of Advent, which means ‘Coming’ in Latin, time filled with joy of waiting and preparing for Christmas: magic moments with snowflakes in the air, warmth of fireplace and cinnamon scent at home :). Sounds like a fairy tale from […]

bleuet earrings

Centaurée earrings set

“Centaurée” earrings set is a jewellery sculpture – a work of art. They are a bold statement of style and independence. They celebrate elegance of a moment and crystallise emotions.Earrings “Centaurée” in 14k white gold set with Ceylon sapphires.

winter earrings

Winter fairy tale earrings

Monquér designers chose five bright precious stones to bring you the mood of deep winter fairy tale–black onyx as the main accord, blue sapphire , purple amethyst, cognac and green tourmalines to add the special contrast. This pair is excellent for the evening for a true lady.