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Tallinn Fashion Week Monquer

Tallinn Fashion Week 2017

This year Monquer takes part in Tallinn Fashion Week 2017, in conjunction with Goldtime Eesti jewellery store. Jewellery is a tiny element on a human body, BUT nobody said that it couldn’t be presented on a catwalk, creative people are always creative and we found our way of expression on the stage. On the show […]

Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér

Although jewelry pieces of Estonian Jewelry Studio Monquér represent modesty and laconism their fundamental part is as incomprehensible and complex as our individuality. BEAUTY Achieving purity of lines, like a sculptor, who cuts superfluous from a block of marble, we aim to highlight the essence of the Beautiful. The material can only indicate the limits […]

Shape and color in jewelry

Shape, as well as color,has its expressive value. We only need to recall the artworks of the Cubists to see that. In jewelry creation, just like in the painting, the qualities of the shape and color must interact synchronously, shape and color should complement each other; color gives the soul to the shape. Auguste Rodin, […]

Bejeweled morning coffee

Inasmuch Monquér exquisite jewelry collections embody dimension and clean lines of concept design it is quite possible that the pieces go perfectly well in all kind of atmosphere from bohemic cafes till gala evenings. We enjoy noticing cross references with contemporary interior design objects around and our silver earrings, bracelets, rings, colliers, brooches. Thinking through […]

Titanium Balloons jewelry presentation

Yesterday we had presented our newest jewellery collection “Titanium Balloons” for our guests in Monquér Studio. For this jewellery collection we use titanium shapes instead of stones, which are moulded in silver. In the collection you can find different sizes and shapes of earrings, rings, a brooch and a necklace. This collection was really a challenge for […]


Competition hosted by NJAL platform

Dear friends,Monquér`s Les Papillons Lavender Double Ring is chosen for competition hosted by NJAL platform! We are on the main page!“Fancy winning @monquer’s unique butterfly ring? Sign up to the NJAL newsletter before the 18th July to keep up-to-date on the latest news, events and products and to be entered into our competition.” ‪#‎Prize‬‪#‎FashionDesign‬ ‪#‎EmergingDesigner‬ ‪#‎RingLover‬ ‪#‎Butterflies‬

When our hands know more than our head

When we are at the bench, our hands know more than our head… Monquér clients are  primary source of inspiration for every custom jewellery that is made at our studio in the silent part of central Tallinn. This ring is made in 14k gold and embellished with upside down setted sapphires and diamond cut brilliants.

Padjaklubi naised kannavad Monquer’i ehteid.

Tere hea sõber! Meil on rõõm teatada, et Eesti kõige popima serjaali “Padjaklubi” tegelased kannavad Monquer’i ehteid. Grete Klein kannab Marine kõrvarõngaid ning sõrmuseid Katariina Ratasepp kannab Les Papillons kõrvarõngaid                 Kristel Aaslaid kannab Antler kõrvarõngad, lisaks kõrvarõngastele kannab ta Marine kaelakeed, mis musta paela otsas. […]

Kuidas luua Eesti oma Cartier? Tuleb teha Monquér!

“Director” värskes mai numbris on lugu “Kuidas luua Eesti oma Cartier? Tuleb teha Monquér!”   Monquér, Eesti oma Cartier’ks pürgiva ettevõtte sünnis on kindel osa julgel pealehakkamisel ja heal õnnel, kuid kummalisel kombel isegi hapukoorel ja Google Translate’il.   Monquér eesmärgiks on, et eritellimusel valmivad ehted peavad nii sisult kui välimuselt inimesele sobima lausa valatult. […]


Silverspooni tegevjuht Marje Hallik-Wilson

“Silverspooni” tegevjuht Marje Hallik-Wilson kannab Monquer’i roosa liblika sõrmust kollektsioonist “Les Papillon”. Marje sõnul “PALE ROSE PAPILLON RING” sobib talle väga ja ta lubas seda terve suve kanda.   Silverspoon on Eesti esimene gastronoomiakonkurss, mille eesmärk on väärtustada ja arendada toidukultuuri Eestis.