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The Snow Queen earrings

These earrings are inspired by winter landscape and beauty of cold and bright diversity. The accentuated red rhodolite hints at the main source of inspiration: the jewellers were looking for the bright color in the white winter landscape.

monquer balisur

Balisur ring

Beauty is defined as poise, polish and panache. It’s the sense of the unexpected looking so right, the sense that joy proceeds and follows beauty, and that it does not really fade with age, but merely gathers more allure. White gold ring is embellished with mint chalcedony, diamonds, rhodolites and enamel.

blue chalcedony ring monquer

Chalcedony ring

The ring’s colour can take you on a sea journey, it features ambiguous images of a blue sea, deep water and open sky. Huge chalcedony, topaz and diamonds in white gold

Balisur earrings

Jewelry can be many things, but one of its finest qualities is its transformative power. A fine piece can turn a woman into a grande dame, a blushing  ingénue or a playful rebel. Our jewelry can effect several of these transformations at once, combining a defiant sense of whimsy and a feel for precious stones […]

Swiss blue topaz ring

Epoch and ideals change, but luxury goods still show the standard of faultless taste.  Oval cut Swiss blue topaz in pave diamond ring.

Russian winter

Russian style winter- bright and luxurious ! Beautiful Russian winter with magical northern lights, deep forests and hard frosts with Russians’ love to Byzantium luxury gave birth to a Russian Winter special aesthetics full of sable furs, samovars, Orenburg downy shawls, and Slavic folklore. Where else one can find such a colorful and amazing winter? […]